Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss Lotion With Shea Butter And

Hello, ladies!! Everything turns out to be good in your day when you wake up happy and compress the stress in your life. Get ready for your day with the fragrance of this body lotion brought to you all by Bath and body works. This lotion is America’s #1 Body Lotion. Dark Kiss Bath And Body Works Body Lotion are good enough to be used on a daily basis.The packaging is quite cute letting all your attention grow towards it and grab one into your basket. The details of the body lotion have been provided as follows.

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Details about Dark Kiss Bath And Body Works Body Lotion

The bath and bodyworks body lotion is the best in class lotion one can use for pampering your skin. This is from the signature collection of bath and body works and will give you that royal fragrance on the go.



Ingredients used– Shea and Vitamin E, both very beneficial to maintain your skin soft and supple.

Quantity- 236 ml or 8 FL OZ

Price- $12.50

My experience with Dark Kiss Bath And Body Works Body Lotion

Fragrance– the fragrance is a blend of dark vanilla bean, the Burgundy Rose fragrance, and of black raspberry. Bergamot Incense is an added fragrance.

Color- the lotion has a light pink color and is not so viscous so that you can easily glide it onto your skin.

Packaging- the lotion has a very cute packaging in a plastic bottle and has a press up opener so that the lotion comes out easily from the bottle. The cap can also be twisted and removed from its bottom part for use.

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How to use- Just take some amount of lotion onto your palms, rub them and start applying it on your skin. The moisture complex and nutrient-rich ingredients present in the lotion are fast- absorbing and not- greasy.

Staying power- the staying power of the lotion is up to 16 hours.

I just love the lotion mainly for two reasons, one being its awesome fragrance and another being its great staying power. We barely re- apply, since, once applied, it lasts for long on your skin. The fragrance it gives is really mesmerizing and is thus truly named to be the signature collection from the bath and body works.

The fragrance also stays for long and this product is my love. It is generally the number one rated product in the United States and everyone loves it!


The overall performance of Dark Kiss Bath And Body Works Body Lotion

The lotion has a daily moisture complex, suitable for all skin types and ideal for daily use. Infused with the essence of Shea Butter, the lotion is your skin’s best friend. The lotion is fast- absorbing and not- greasy. It leaves your skin incredibly soft on application and the moisture is like completely locked in your skin.


High staying powerAwesome fragranceFast-absorbingNon-greasySafe and not tested on animals


May prove costly if you use it on a regular basis and that too in more amount so that you will have to repurchase it on a frequent basis.


Yes! A highly recommended product and I love it. I would definitely re-purchase it as it makes my skin feel incredibly soft, smooth and nourished. You should be possessing one too!! The signature collection is our right!

So that’s all for now!! Bye guys!! Take care!

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