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Harry Potter: 5 Scenes Where Harry và Malfoy's Rivalry Verged On Flirtation (& 5 Where It Verged On Hate) Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy were rivals who most often showed disdain for one another but their relationship had several flirty moments as well.

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Harry Potter và Draco Malfoy (2)
The relationship between Harry Potter và Draco Malfoy is certainly a tense one throughout the franchise, with the two young wizards at loggerheads throughout each movie. They"re two of the greatest wizards in the franchise, but they end up spending their time as rivals who do not see eye lớn eye.

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However, while they have a lot of moments of pure hate against each other, whether it be fighting or verbally abusing each other, there are also moments where their rivalry almost feels lượt thích flirtation. They"re two characters who actually bởi vì respect each other deep down, and that leads lớn some close moments.

When Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy kết thúc up in punishment together heading into the Forbidden Forest, it is a true moment of flirtation between them. Each character is clearly scared & nervous, but neither of them wants lớn admit that in front of the other.

When Fang runs away, the two of them get even more nervous & the back & forth conversation between them is certainly a moment that those relationship tín đồ theories have latched onto as it does lean towards flirtation.

When it comes lớn the Triwizard Cup, it is something that Harry Potter never wants khổng lồ be part of, & while some students get behind him to support him, others take the chance to bully him. A big reason that so many of the students bully him is Draco.

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He creates and distributes "Potter Stinks" badges, showcasing his disdain for him, even during some of the scariest times of Harry"s life, which is a low moment even for the young Slytherin.

Harry Potter và the rest of the Gryffindor's in Hagrid's class
Hagrid taking a class himself, in hindsight, is likely a poor decision. However, it does lead khổng lồ a moment of flirtation between Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy as they confront each other before class, which leads to a close moment with them as everyone watches on.

It"s obvious that they"re not keen on one another, yet at the same time, it is easy to lớn see how those who "ship" these two characters can see this situation as flirting due khổng lồ the back và forth that they have. There"s a lot of tension in this scene.

7 Hate: Hogwarts Express Confrontation

Draco Malfoy on the Hogwarts Express
After Draco"s father ends up in Azkaban Prison, Draco Malfoy"s character takes a much darker turn. That is shown by his journey lớn Hogwarts that year, where he looks lớn hurt Harry as much as possible before they even enter school.

Knowing that Harry is snooping on him, Draco takes the time to stay back when everyone else has gotten off the Hogwarts Express. He shows real aggression towards Harry, which includes stomping on his face in a moment that is filled with pure hate.

One of the ways these two ended up flirting was on the Quidditch field. The two wizards played the same position on opposite teams, instantly making them rivals, & the scene with both attempting lớn pick up the golden snitch is a great example of some friendlier tension between them.

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While they jostle for position, push each other around, and trade insults, nothing ever gets as truly out of hand as it does in other encounters between them. This feels friendly, lượt thích two people who admire each other.

5 Hate: Early Duel

In Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets, Harry and Draco are thrown into a duel against each other in front of the other students. It"s a situation that Gilderoy Lockheart creates, & is one that even Severus Snape initially doesn"t want to lớn happen.

As soon as it begins, the tension rises and it is clear that they don"t like each other. Each young wizard tries khổng lồ take down the other and it ends up escalating out of control, setting the tone for their feelings of hate early on.

While Harry Potter saving Draco from the Room of Requirement is obviously leaning more towards flirtation, it is actually more surprising when the shoe is on the other foot. Draco is typically seen as a villain, & saving other people, especially his main rival is something that most wouldn"t expect.

However, that is the case as Draco pretends to lớn not know who Harry is when he ends up being captured but has a distorted face. Even though it"s obviously Harry, Draco lies in a bid to lớn save his life, proving he has some type of feeling toward him as a person.

3 Hate: Busting open Dumbledore"s Army

Dumbledore"s Army is something that Harry takes real pride & joy in throughout his time in charge, và it is something that has real importance. Dolores Umbridge works tirelessly to lớn work out what is going on và who is behind it, và eventually, it is Draco who helps break their hiding spot.

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It"s a low moment for Draco as he doesn"t just betray Harry, but also all of the other students involved in the group. It"s something Draco does out of spite, purely because he doesn"t like Harry, which is what makes it a poor moment for him.

The biggest moment of flirtation between them comes when the young students all first arrive at Hogwarts. When they wait before entering the Great Hall, the two wizards have an interaction with each other where Draco Malfoy makes it clear he wants lớn be friends with Harry.

It"s obvious that Draco has heard of Potter, and that leads to lớn him trying to lớn charm Harry straight away in the hopes that they could become close. However, Harry"s decision khổng lồ choose Ron is what sparks their rivalry, one out of jealousy.

1 Hate: Harry Uses Sectumsempera

When it comes to the biggest moment of hate that takes between the two of them, it is actually Harry Potter who delivers it. Meeting in the bathroom inside Hogwarts, the two of them kết thúc up in a duel against each other where Harry actually uses the Sectumsempera spell.

This is something that could have actually killed Draco và takes their rivalry to a different cấp độ that nobody expects from them. Everything up until this point had been tense, but this was a step up & showed Harry"s inner feelings towards Draco.

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