"You my queen are more than enough for me & I will spend everyday making you feel lượt thích the queen that you are," the singer wrote on Instagram


It's 25 trips around the sun for Hailey Baldwin — và Justin Bieber wants to be around for the rest of them.

The mã sản phẩm celebrated her 25th birthday on Monday, & in honor of the occasion, the "Peaches" singer dedicated a sweet social truyền thông tribute lớn his "queen" — & told her he is "so blessed lớn yours."

Alongside a photo carousel from various occasions on Instagram of the couple, Bieber, 27, wrote, "To my beloved birthday squish. My heart belongs to you. My eyes belong to you, my lips belong lớn you. I am yours. I am so blessed to lớn be yours. You are my forever. Life has never made more sense until you became my wife."

He continued, "I will never stop loving you, I will never stop holding you, and I will never stop protecting you. You my queen are more than enough for me và I will spend every day making you feel lượt thích the queen that you are. As your grandma would say in her Portuguese accent 'happy bursday baby' love you until the over of time và then after that. :)"

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Aside from Bieber, Baldwin received birthday wishes from several other close friends và family including Chelsey Bieber, Kim Kardashian West, Kendall Jenner và Simon Huck.

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Baldwin's longtime friend Jenner, 26, shared a photo from 2015 of them posing on a couch on her Instagram Story & captioned the photo "happy birthday best bud."

She then shared another photo with Baldwin in a pool và wrote "love you lots," followed by photo booth images with Baldwin & Bieber.

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Earlier this month, Baldwin opened up on the Victoria's Secret Voices podcast about how she was able khổng lồ help Bieber navigate through sobriety since she has family members who have also battled with substance abuse.

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"There's a lot of addiction that runs in my family, not even just my dad , but a lot of other hecap.org on that side of my family struggle with a lot of different things," she revealed.

Baldwin said that she and Bieber had to lớn have an "open dialogue" about his journey with sobriety and though it has been beneficial, it was also difficult lớn reflect on her father's experience. 

"Looking back on times of drug use & being in some dark spaces and having to kind of go back there was extremely difficult," the mã sản phẩm shared.

"Being like, 'Hey, where are you at with this?' I've had times where I would get nervous, , 'Are you OK to do this? Because you did have a time in your life where it was not OK for you and it was a dark time for you,' " she explained. "But he has very good self-awareness when it comes to lớn that and is very xuất hiện about it and that's all I can really ask for."