Many popular anime have been greenlit for a second season, including Masamune-kun"s Revenge. Here"s what khổng lồ know about its release date and plot.

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There's nothing worse than getting rejected by your crush at a tender age. That's why Masamune-kun didn't take it well when he received a cold shoulder from his childhood friend & crush, Aki Adagaki. After that, Makabe Masamune dedicated his life khổng lồ becoming the perfect "princely" guy so that one day, he could turn the tables on Aki. Masamune-kun's Revenge aired in 2017, và it's been a while since there was news of Season 2.

News of Masamune-kun's Revenge Season 2 was announced in April 2021 with no further indication of a potential air date. Fans only received the title, Masamune-kun's Revenge R, and a brief recap of what had happened in the first season. However, there's still no word about the release date, and fans have khổng lồ suffice with only a recently released poster that showcases the main trio. It looks like the next season will be a messy love triangle considering the massive cliffhanger the first season ended with.

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Although Masamune's sole interest was lớn take revenge, it's implied throughout the episodes that there might be more khổng lồ Aki's rejection than she led on. It could be that a backstory that has yet to lớn be shown will appear in this new season. It would be exciting to see how the second season will continue the initial story, & since there is no word about the plot or what will be adapted from the manga, the audience is xuất hiện to speculation. The original cast will also be returning for the second round for most of the main characters, including Masamune, Aki, Yoshino, và Neko.

Fans would be expecting the story to continue from the school's Snow-White play, where Masamune's kiss is met with Aki's punch. However, if there are no plans for Season 3 once the second has concluded, it would be pure fan hâm mộ service lớn try lớn wrap up the rest of the manga in Season 2 và give fans some closure about the duo's love story. Plus, since the last season's ending teased a trip to lớn Paris, the potential inclusion of new characters or love interest is quite possible. RELATED: From My Dress-Up Darling to lớn Aharen-San: The Best Romance Anime of 2022 (So Far)


Though production began on 1st April 2022, there's a high chance that Season 2 will recieve an early 2023 release date. Still, it's safe to lớn say that Masamune-kun's Revenge R will make it khổng lồ the danh mục of highly anticipated anime sequels lined up for next year. The series is currently available on Crunchyroll in English dub.

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