What good is money if it can't buy happiness?

Money governs almost everything, health, time, knowledge, status, fame và knowledge. "Money can"t buy the most precious thing in a person"s life, but without money many things in life cannot be obtained." So can money buy happiness? Let"s answer questions through this article.

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One study found that around the world, life satisfaction increases with income, but income is not necessarily strongly associated with feeling positive và enjoying life. An analysis of a study of 136,000 people in 132 countries also found that there is no single "prescription" for happiness, but it depends on many factors, including local culture và expectations. Data, collected by Gallup World, published in the July issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: “People have always wondered if money can buy happiness? ". Depending on the definition of happiness, life satisfaction, & overall assessment of life, there is a fairly close correlation between income & happiness. However, the expert says: “It is hard to believe how small the correlation between feeling positive & enjoying life is.”
In one survey, questions covered a variety of topics such as: What kinds of comforts vày people possess & are psychological needs met? What positive and negative emotions happened the day before? vì chưng you feel respected? How can family và friends be trusted during an emergency và feel không tính tiền to choose daily activities? và the data of the studies are as follows: The United States has the highest income but ranks 16th in life satisfaction và 26th in positive emotions. Denmark ranks high, ranking first for life satisfaction, seventh for positive emotions & fifth for income. Extremely poor countries in Africa often score low in many categories, but neither country has the lowest levels of happiness. Israel ranks high for life satisfaction (11th) but much lower for positive emotions. South Korea is a relatively wealthy country ranked 24th in income but 58th in positive emotions. Some countries like Costa Rica và New Zealand are happier than their income levels. Costa Rica ranked 41st in income but 4th in positive emotions, while New Zealand ranked 22nd in income but first in positive emotions. Some middle-class countries like Costa Rica live happier lives than some lượt thích South Korea partly because of the “quality of social relationships”. The researcher said: "Self-esteem for Americans is more important than happiness, while Danes are happier because trust between people in society is very high và corruption is very low. More satisfied with the economic safety net”. In studies of the poor, researchers have found that some people are happy in part because their needs are met. An interview with happy people in the "slums" of Calcutta & they are relatively happy, although not satisfied with poverty, they are rich in family & friends. “Money creates great happiness for the poor, but it takes more money to achieve the happiness of a rich person.” A story from TIME"s special edition "The Science of Happiness": "Whoever says money can"t buy happiness is not spending it right". Lexus ads from years past fooled around with decals khổng lồ sell a oto so eye-catching that no one would dream of decaling it.

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We know that there must be some connection between money và happiness. Because if there is no money, people will not have lớn work overtime or even work throughout và try khổng lồ save money và invest profitably. It seems that the relationship between money và happiness is more complicated than imagined. People always think that if we only have a little more money, we will be happier. But when I got it, it wasn"t what I thought it would be. The more you earn, the more you want. The more you get, the less joy it brings. That paradox seems lớn afflict economists. Dan Gilbert - Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, tác giả of "Stumbling on Happiness" said: "Once basic human needs are met, more money is not created. Happier”. Some studies show that earning less than $20,000 to earning more than $50,000 per year doubles the likelihood of happiness, while an income over $90,000 makes happiness very small. While the rich are happier than the poor, the dramatic increase in living standards over the past 50 years has failed to lớn make Americans happier because: Overestimate how happy it is lớn have more. Humans are adaptable creatures, going through ice ages, plagues, and wars. That is also the reason, people are never satisfied for long when luck comes. Although earning a lot of money makes a person happy for a short time, then quickly adapts khổng lồ his new wealth and everything it brings. More money can also lead to lớn more stress. The high salary earned from a high-paying job may not bring much happiness. But it is possible to buy a spacious house in the suburbs. Means a long commute to & from work. You constantly compare yourself khổng lồ the family next lớn you. The tendency lớn compare ourselves lớn others, lượt thích the tendency to lớn become discouraged with the things we have, seems khổng lồ be an ingrained trait of people. Dissatisfaction with the present may be the main reason why Prehistoric Men moved out of the gray cave and started building the civilization we live in. In short, money governs almost everything, health, time, knowledge, status, fame and knowledge. Money can"t buy people"s most precious things, but without money many things in life cannot be obtained. Therefore, depending on the definition of happiness, life satisfaction, each individual will have a separate answer to the question "can money buy happiness".

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