When is yona of the dawn season 2 coming?

"Shoujo"! A genre in anime that seems khổng lồ be overlooked by a lot of fans out there. Since the demographic for anime usually consists of boys, the presence of the Shoujo series being obscure isn"t something too unique.

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And one such series is the one we are discussing today. Yup, we will be taking a look at Yona Of The Dawn.

Now we are going to talk about the excellence of the series but more importantly, we will take a look at the second season of this anime.

This article consists of everything you need to lớn know about Yona Of The Dawn season 2 in 2023. Let"s go.

But wait! Before we dive deeper into the possibility of a sequel khổng lồ Yona Of The Dawn, why not vị a quick revision?

And we aren"t going to lớn aim for anything less than perfect. So let"s take a step back & look at what Yona Of The Dawn is all about & the story so far.

Everything We Know So Far About Yona Of The Dawn

Yona Of The Dawn or " Akatsuki No Yona" is a 24-episode TV anime that started airing back in 2014.

The first episode hit the TV on October 7, 2014, whereas the final episode aired on March 24, 2015.

The show is an anime adaptation of a manga series. This manga was written and illustrated by Kusanagi Mizuho.

Mizuho is also responsible for mangas like Mugen Spiral and NG Life. She is recognized for her shoujo performances with Yona Of The Dawn being the best one.

If we look at the anime adaptation, it is animated by Studio Pierrot & directed by Yoneda Kazuhiro.

Kazuhiro has given his directorial performance in Gleipnir & Do It Yourself!! Studio Pierrot on the other hand has been responsible for some of your favorite shows like Naruto, Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, and Black Clover.

They are pretty good at making some interesting adventure series & it is visible from their presentation in Yona Of The Dawn.

But this is all about creators & stuff, now let"s quickly revise the actual series.

Yona Of The Dawn is a series phối in medieval times with Kingdoms & Kings in hand.

The Kingdom Of Kouka happens lớn be the home of the beautiful red-haired Yona who has been a pampered kid all her life.

This is because she is the only child of King Il, who stays in Hiryuu Castle.

Now King Il is a man who seems to be the biggest hater of violence & weapons.

He would try anything và everything he can to avoid any sort of conflict between the two parties.

However, this nature of King Il, lets the citizens think of him as a weak and cowardly individual.

And this is also the reason why he ends up being subject lớn murder by Su-Won, his brother"s son.

Yona has had a crush on Su-won since childhood but fate lets her witness the death of his father by his childhood love right in front of her eyes.

Now situations in the kingdom get complicated & Yona decides to leave the castle with her servant Hak.

Hak is known as the Thunder Beast because of his prowess in combat & speed.

Now as Yona and Hak escape the Kingdom, the news of the King"s death reaches out lớn the public.

Thereafter, Su-won paves his way to lớn the general public and becomes the new King of Kouka.

However, that isn"t his kết thúc goal. There is a lot more to lớn come. Coming back to Yona, with the strength of Hak in her hands, she was able lớn safely escape the castle but now has lớn survive in the wild.

A girl who has been pampered all her life has to face the actual fear of the real world.

She has no one lớn look up to and the path seems dark. However, with the help of Hak and his tribe members, she was able lớn figure out a way to lớn get her life back on track.

All she has to vì now is khổng lồ find the 4 mythical dragons who would help her regain the castle she lost khổng lồ Su-won.

Thereon begins the journey of Princess Yona lớn find all 4 mythical dragons and gain enough strength to become the rightful ruler of her kingdom.

However, her journey would be filled with countless obstacles & hardships. Will the frail princess we know, be able khổng lồ survive in such critical situations?

That"s what it is all about. Alright! So now that we know what we are dealing with, let"s jump and take a look at the possibility of a second season for this fantastic series.

There hasn"t been any news from the creators about the confirmation or even the cancellation of the anime.

So let"s vày some analysis lớn get an idea ourselves. Và what better way to start our analysis than focusing on the official announcements?

Official Announcements and Release Date Of Yona Of The Dawn Season 2

Official announcements are the best ways to ensure an anime"s sequel. So if Yona Of The Dawn happens lớn have an official announcement, that would be incredible news.

Unfortunately, Yona Of The Dawn hasn"t received any official announcements since its first season ended.

There are no statements or release dates passed on by producers or studios. It"s been more than half of a decade and yet, we haven"t got anything from the staff.

Not even a teaser or hint. So yeah, Yona Of The Dawn isn"t sure khổng lồ be out yet.

But wait! This isn"t the end of it. Now as fans, we can"t bởi anything but analyze the current situation.

From here on, we will be looking at all the elements that can lead khổng lồ a sequel for Yona Of The Dawn.

We will begin our analysis with the source material of the anime and see if enough content is still available lớn make next the next season.

More Source Material Information On Yona Of The Dawn Season 2

Yona Of The Dawn, as said before, is an anime adaptation of a manga series.

Meaning that the bộ vi xử lý core story of the anime comes from its Manga sister. Or mother technically.

But anyway, what"s important is that an anime needs its source material khổng lồ have some content so that it can have another season.

If the Manga of Yona Of The Dawn has either ended, is on hiatus, or is incomplete then the chances of the sequel are next lớn zero.

So let"s take a deeper look into the situation. Akatsuki No Yona manga series started serializing on August 5, 2009, in Hana to lớn Yume magazine.

It was marked as an action, comedy, fantasy, romance, & shoujo manga, making it ideal for girls.

The series has around 37volumes & these volumes cover around 216chapters by the time of writing this.

VolumesEnglish Release Date
Volume 1August 2, 2016
Volume 2October 4, 2016
Volume 3December 6, 2016
Volume 4February 7, 2017
Volume 5April 4, 2017
Volume 6June 6, 2017
Volume 7August 1, 2017
Volume 8October 3, 2017
Volume 9December 5, 2017
Volume 10February 6, 2018
Volume 11April 3, 2018
Volume 12June 5, 2018
Volume 13August 7, 2018
Volume 14October 2, 2018
Volume 15December 4, 2018
Volume 16February 4, 2019
Volume 17April 2, 2019
Volume 18June 4, 2019
Volume 19August 6, 2019
Volume 20October 1, 2019
Volume 21December 3, 2019
Volume 22February 4, 2020
Volume 23April 7, 2020
Volume 24June 2, 2020
Volume 25August 4, 2020
Volume 26October 6, 2020
Volume 27December 1, 2020
Volume 28February 2, 2021
Volume 29April 6, 2021
Volume 30June 1, 2021
Volume 31August 3, 2021
Volume 32October 5, 2021
Volume 33December 7, 2021
Volume 34February 1, 2022
Volume 35April 5, 2022
Volume 36June 7, 2022
Volume 37---

And it is still publishing so keep that in mind. Now within this data, the most important question is "How many volumes did the first season of Yona Of The Dawn adapt?".

And the answer to that is 8. That"s right ladies and gentlemen, the first season of Yona Of The Dawn adapted the first 8 volumes of the manga.

What about the OVAs you may ask? Well, the OVAs have adapted the entire volume 18 of the manga so it is not the continuation of the actual series.

It"s important to chú ý two crucial aspects here. First up, season 1 of the anime required 8 volumes to lớn be made.

Meaning that the next season might also require 8 volumes more or less. Secondly, the manga has a total of 37volumes out right now.

This means that the series has more than enough content for the next season. If we take an average of 9 volumes for every season, Yona Of The Dawn can have 3 more seasons up ahead.

So we can rest assured that Yona Of The Dawn has more than enough content to adapt into anime.

That isn"t going to lớn be a hurdle here. However, a hurdle did show up for Kusanagi Mizuho when an earthquake hit Kyusho, nhật bản in 2016.

This disaster caused 50 people to thảm bại their lives and over 3000 injuries. She was one of the people who got affected by this disaster.

Luckily, she wasn"t harmed by a great margin but that incident created some obstacles in her career.

But being a strong woman, she came back on track in no time. That could have potentially been a reason for the delay in season 2.

But with 37volumes out & no announcements or teasers at all, this can"t be taken into consideration.

Overall, we can say that the anime producers shouldn"t have much problem with the storyline of the Yona Of The Dawn season.

The series has all it needs. It just requires a bit more attention from its creators.

And why aren"t these creators paying attention? Is the series not popular enough? Let"s have a look.

Popularity Information Of Yona Of The Dawn Season 2

Popularity or recognition is crucial for an anime to succeed. And this also means that the more popular an anime is, the higher its chances for a sequel.

So let"s try và comprehend if Yona Of The Dawn meets the mark. Và for that, we will be taking a look at 3 factors.

Google Trends, Twitter, & Google tìm kiếm volumes.

Google Trends


Google Trends are a great way lớn figure out how well the series is doing in the market.

If it is searched a lot of times, it means that the series gets into conversations from time lớn time.

So let"s see what the graph shows. Alright, it looks lượt thích the series has been a topic of discussion quite frequently.

The graph is quite unstable with multiple ups and downs. This means that there have been multiple situations where Yona Of The Dawn was searched by a large number of people.

It peaked from 11th to lớn 17th July 2021 but has somewhat consistent performance across the year.

It wouldn"t be wrong to lớn say that this show has been a chat topic very often which means that the series is pretty popular.

So now that we know what Google Trends has khổng lồ say, let"s take a look at this anime"s popularity on Twitter.



Twitter is a platform used by many. From fans lớn makers, all have access lớn Twitter.

So if a series is getting a lot of attention, it would be clear on Twitter.

So let"s see how things have been for Yona Of The Dawn. Well, looks lượt thích things are going okay.

The anime of our beloved franchise aired back in 2014. During that time, the internet wasn"t nearly as popular as it is today so expecting a high number of followers on Twitter would be sort of incorrect.

Keeping that in mind, the 45Kfollower mark on the official tài khoản of Yona Of The Dawn Twitter account is a good number.

It"s not magnificent but it is still acceptable. This shows that there aren"t many fans on Twitter và thus, the series isn"t that popular on this platform.

But this isn"t the over of the world. We still have Google search results lớn take care of.

Let"s go.

Search In US, UK

Google tìm kiếm volume is the direct representation of how many people directly tìm kiếm for an anime.

It is probably the best metric lớn judge the anime"s popularity. Therefore, we are going khổng lồ look for the same for Yona Of The Dawn.

And the number isn"t that impressive. Every month, Yona Of The Dawn season 2 is searched over 13Ktimes on Google. There were 6.4K searches from the USA và around 450 from the UK. Now, these are some sad statistics.

This isn"t a remarkable number since most anime crosses this easily. We can say that the series isn"t quite popular, especially right now.

Overall, Yona Of The Dawn seems khổng lồ be Okayish in terms of popularity. All these factors aren"t significant enough to gọi it popular.

We can say that the absence of hype like no announcements or teasers but hey, that"s true for other anime as well.

Expected Plot Of Yona Of The Dawn Season 2

But let"s say against all the odds if Yona Of The Dawn does over up with another season, what would be the story for it?

What is going to lớn be the plot for Yona Of The Dawn season 2? Let"s find out.

From what we know, the next season would be covering the events of volume 9 from the manga.

If that happens, the story would progress with Yona taking all 4 dragons to Hiryuu castle.

There she will try her level best to defeat Su-won"s army and gain back control of the kingdom.

Logically, she is the rightful ruler of the Kingdom so she deserves khổng lồ wear the crown.

However, Su-won managed khổng lồ snatch it away from her & gained control. The interesting concept for the next season would be Su-won"s plans for the kingdom và Yona"s confrontation with his old love.

How Hak, Yun, & the other dragons would react & how their relationships would go on can be the plot point for the next season.

All in all, we can rest assured that whatever is coming would be immersive và entertaining.

But is it just me who thinks so or are there other people with the same attitude toward the sequel?

Let"s have a look.

Online Reactions khổng lồ Yona Of The Dawn Season 2

Online reactions allow us to lớn get a good idea of what fans think about the next instalment of the franchise.

Do they want it? Are they speculating? What are their thoughts? What does the online community have lớn say about Yona Of The Dawn season 2?

Let"s find out!



The first platform we will be talking about is Twitter. Fans love lớn discuss their love on this trang web so why not have a look at their opinions?

So from what I can see, Twitter fans seem to be upset about something. It"s the wait.

The wait that they have been doing since 2014. That"s right ladies and gentlemen, the Twitter fandom of Yona Of The Dawn seems khổng lồ have a negative perspective towards its sequel.

They want it for sure but they can"t help but be sad about the wait.

It"s been more than half of the decade without any teaser so people are bound to lớn be upset.

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It"s natural. But yeah, Twitter fans have an upsetting yet positive attitude to the series.

May their wishes for a season 2 come true.


The next platform we will be looking at is Reddit. A lot of international fans hang out here and talk about their love for anime.

A pretty good trang web for our analysis. Here, if we look closer into the discussions, we can see what fans think about Yona Of The Dawn season 2.

And just as you would expect, those guys are looking forward to it. Discussions about the possibility of season 2 as well as speculations are performed by our Reddit friends.

They seem to lớn be a bit more positive than Twitter fans & have a lot more content in their theories.

Overall, a great reaction from our boys.


The final platform that we will look at is the question hub, Quora. This is a place where all your questions will be answered including anime sequel-oriented questions.

So what does Quora have to lớn say about Yona Of The Dawn season 2? Well, Quora users have some negative thoughts about the sequel.

One user claimed that the series wasn"t profitable enough so studio pierrot won"t be giving it another shot.

We will discuss this later in the article. Moreover, some users seem khổng lồ be concerned about the ending of the series & criticize the absence of a sequel.

For now, we are only seeing somewhat disheartened negative opinions from Quora users. It makes sense but is still upsetting.

Across the board, all these websites seem to have a negative idea about the series.

The fans on these platforms are hoping for the next season to happen but after looking at the time taken và other factors taken into consideration, these fans seem to be upset about it.

Sometimes, the reality is indeed bitter.

Why bởi We Want A Second Season So Badly?

Ok so we discussed how these fans reacted to Yona Of The Dawn season 2 và our answers were obvious.

Despite the wait, the fans want it lớn happen. But why? Why do fans want a sequel so much?

Well, that"s because there is a lot more nội dung that could be used to create more seasons.

The anime hasn"t reached any definite conclusions in the first season và there is a lot of room for the next part.

The season seems lượt thích a break that was just for a bit of time.

There is a lot of stuff to be done & a lot of stories to lớn explore.

The series is nowhere near over. We want khổng lồ witness our frail, weak princess turn into a strong và fearless individual.

Until that happens, we aren"t stopping! & that is why the second season và even more seasons to come are so important.

Oh, so you think I am the only one who thinks that? Well, let"s find out.

Yona Of The Dawn Ratings and Reviews


We have come to the ratings and reviews section of the article. This is the point where we discuss what general fans think about the series.

We look at the scores a show has got & the review it received. Another season is only possible if it is widely accepted by fans.

So what vày we have here?



The first website we are going to lớn use for this section is IMDb. It has a lot of users so it can give us an accurate representation of how casual viewers feel about it.

Let"s have a look. Alright! It looks like Yona Of The Dawn has a great score of 8.1/10 on IMDb.

This means that the series is heavily appreciated and enjoyed by its viewers. The đánh giá are also pointing in the same direction.

The majority of them enjoy the characters & the adventurous mood of the show. This shows how influential this anime was since even the critics desire a sequel.

I see this as a green flag in my book.



Another website that needs our attention is the beloved MyAnimeList. This is home to millions of anime fans so we are bound to lớn take a look at it.

Let"s see what the hardcore Otakus have to say about the series. Well, Yona Of The Dawn has got an amazing score of 8.03/10 on MyAnimeList.

MAL users would know that this is a remarkable score considering how going 8+ is very hard on this website.

Most of the đánh giá seem to lớn be appreciating the shoujo elements, art style, và character presentation of the series.

A few critics do have some problems but hey, everything is bound to lớn be criticized.

But in the grand scheme of things, the series is appreciated even by our fellow anime fans.

All in all, we can rest assured that Yona Of The Dawn is a well-received series.

The general audience và a lot of critics have appreciated its story và characters. After so much negativity, this is a bit enlightening, right?

Top Five Best-Rated Episodes

Yona Of The Dawn is an anime that has a decent amount of fans và has a total of 24 episodes which are well-received by the fans.

So, let"s take a look at the đứng đầu five best-rated episodes.

1. The Night History is Made (Episode 22)

This episode has a rating of 4.9/5 on MyAnimeList. This episode is about Yona & Yun almost getting caught by the officials và Shin-ah & Jea-ha showing up khổng lồ save them.

They succeed in saving them, but later Yona gets separated from the group.

2. Spark (Episode 21)

This episode is rated 4.7/5 on MyAnimeList. Yona and Yun are trying to không lấy phí the women trapped within Yan"s human trafficking system.

Yona và Yun barely made it và signalled their teammates to lớn come and save the women & help the officials.

3. The Pirates of Awa (Episode 17)

On MyAnimeList, this episode has a rating of 4.7/5. The green dragon, also known as Jae-ha, is kind of introduced in this episode.

Jae-ha accepts Hak as a teammate once he arrives at the Awa Port in order to lớn protect the people from the brutality of strong officials.

4. Light (Episode 14)

This episode has a rating of 4.7/5 on MyAnimeList. In this episode, Yona, Hak, and the blue Dragon team up và start travelling together.

They camp at night và Yona gives the xanh Dragon a new name, Shin-AH which means moonlight.

5. Howl (Episode 5)

This episode is rated 4.7/5 on MyAnimeList. In this episode, Yona và Hak are travelling and are headed toward the Northern Mountains.

But they get interrupted by Tae-Jun"s goons. But Yona and Hak fight them, Hak also got shot by a poisonous arrow but Yona saves the day.

Yona Of The Dawn Manga, DVD/Blu-Ray Sales

Alright, boys! Now we are going lớn dive into the most important aspect of anime creation, Sales!

Almost every anime is made for the sake of profit so if an anime is profitable, the series would most likely get another season.

So does that stand true for Yona Of The Dawn? Let"s have a look.

Manga sales

First up is manga sales. If the source material is sold enough, then there would be enough money for a sequel lớn happen.

Unfortunately, things don"t seem to lớn be working for Yona here. The manga sales before the anime were claimed to be around 70,000.

And after the anime, it reached 120,000. Now you might think that this is great và it is but not enough.

You see a lot of people claim that Yona Of The Dawn was made for Manga promotion.

While it did kết thúc up promoting the manga, the sales aren"t enough for a sequel lớn happen.

With these numbers, it is very unlikely.

Blu-ray/Dvd sales

Now let"s look at Bluray. Usually, I mention that Blu-rays don"t matter significantly because streaming services are rising.

However, this anime aired in 2014, and back then Bluray was the real deal. So Yona Of The Dawn must have good numbers up its sleeve for a chance of a sequel.

Unfortunately, that"s not the case and the Blurays only sold around 3k copies. This is a very low number considering the time it aired.

So yeah, it wouldn"t be wrong to lớn say that Yona Of The Dawn didn"t quite shine in disc sales.


The one thing that can be considered good about this series is that it has a good amount of merchandise to offer.

However, there are no figurines among them which make the money collection even less. As painful as it may feel, the fact stays true.

Yona Of The Dawn didn"t succeed financially & that is probably why it doesn"t have a sequel yet.

Popular Yona Of The Dawn Characters

Now let"s just say that Yona of the Dawn did end up getting another season.

Which characters would end up in the series? How many of our beloved personalities will make a return?

Let"s have a look.


Our current king Su-won would also be appearing in the next season. There"s a pretty good chance that he might face Yona on the battlefield & has to lớn try his best khổng lồ overpower her to lớn retain his throne.

Su-won is an interesting character who seems evil initially but happens to have a kind và clever nature shown later in the series.

His presence will bring more drama & entertainment for us in the sequel. Let"s see how it goes.


Our clever young handsome boy Yun will also be returning in the next season. His dream lớn see the world isn"t completely fulfilled yet and there"s a lot for him to enjoy.

His tư vấn to the team is irreplaceable and his character development has also been very captivating, especially at the over of the series.

Looking forward to lớn seeing him on-screen again.

The 4 Dragons

KiJa, Sinha, Zeno, và Jae-ha are the white, blue, yellow, & green dragons respectively. These boys have all decided khổng lồ serve Yona for their reasons.

They all had an interesting past & their life as a long was heartwarming. They will be the leading battalion for Yona"s army và their strengths are unreal.

I hope they battle together & show their maximum potential. Especially, Zeno, we haven"t got lớn know about his powers yet.

Other Decisive Factors for Yona Of The Dawn Season 2

Now it"s time for one last final check. This is the segment where we look at a few aspects that can decide a sequel and talk about them in more detail.

Let"s start!

Yona Of The Dawn Ending Explained

First up, we have the ending of season 1. If you guys remember, in the end, Yona manages lớn get in cảm biến with all 4 dragons & all of them agree lớn serve her for their reason.

Now what is left for Yona khổng lồ do, is lớn go against Su-won & take back his kingdom.

But before that, he needs to lớn become stronger as a person. Her core idea is to enlighten the people in the Kingdom of Kouka.

And to vì chưng so, she requires the dragons. With that, we see the over of the series as she goes against a group of soldiers who (presumably) are a threat khổng lồ Kouka.

The first season had such a climax that there is a lot of room for the next season to happen.

This much room is the prime reason why people want a second season in the first place.

So yeah, the first season had a great ending that could be easily used for opening the next one.

Controversy Around Yona Of The Dawn

One last factor we would discuss is the controversy around the Yona Of The Dawn anime.

If something controversial has happened concerning the series then that can act as a hurdle.

Luckily, in the case of Yona of the Dawn, there is no problem standing behind.

We can rest assured that any sort of dispute or controversy wouldn"t act as a hurdle in the making of season 2.

Top Similar Anime like Tona Of The Dawn

1. Kamisama Hajimemashita (2012-2016)

Nanami Momozono, a high school girl, becomes homeless after her father leaves town to avoid his gambling debts. She finds herself at a shrine & is mistaken for the new land god.

She then meets Tomoe, a fox spirit who has been serving the shrine for years. Together, they navigate the challenges of being a land god while dealing with the other gods & spirits in the area.

2. Fruits Basket (2019-2021)

Tohru Honda, an orphaned high school student, ends up living with the wealthy và mysterious Sohma family after they take her in. The Sohmas, however, have a secret: certain members of the family are possessed by the animals of the Chinese zodiac.

Tohru becomes entangled in the family"s problems as she tries lớn help them break the curse and find happiness.

3. Noragami (2014-2015)

Yato, a minor god, wishes to lớn become a well-known god with many followers. He meets Hiyori, a human girl who can see spirits, and Yukine, a "sacred treasure" who becomes Yato"s weapon.

Together, they take on odd jobs in the hopes of gaining enough recognition & money lớn build Yato"s shrine và gain more followers.

4. Ouran High School Host Club (2006)

Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student at the prestigious Ouran High School, stumbles upon the Host Club, a group of six male students who entertain female students. When she accidentally breaks a valuable vase, she is forced to lớn join the club lớn pay off her debt.

However, the Host Club soon discovers that Haruhi is actually a girl, and they must keep up the facade of her being a boy to lớn prevent her scholarship from being taken away.


In conclusion, we can conclude that Yona Of The Dawn season 2 may not occur very soon. Sales aren"t great, popularity isn"t great, and the staff isn"t at all responsive.

All these factors point to lớn the fact that the next season might not even be into consideration. I am not saying it"s completely impossible but right now, the chances are way too low.

So you should read the manga instead. I know it"s disheartening but the truth is bitter sometimes so we gotta let it slide. We would still hope for the best though. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this.