Every Thing Will Be Fine Movie Review

A separated couple live together for their child's sake in this satirical dramedy about what it means to lớn be a good parent và spouse in today's world.

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Ruy & Julia are great parents but have hit a wall as a couple. When Julia lands in jail after duly driving a drunk Ruy home, she has a revelation.


Everything comes khổng lồ a head at Andrea's birthday party, after a shaken Ruy discovers the truth behind Julia's Saturday night visits khổng lồ her mom's home.


While Julia spends an afternoon with Fausto, Ruy investigates. Meanwhile, Andrea, who longs for the đen rooster next door, becomes an entrepreneur.

During a radio roundtable, Ruy boasts about being a feminist và gets called out. Listening, Julia is horrified and rushes khổng lồ get Andrea from school.

When it's time for Ruy & Julia's divorce hearing, they send Andrea to Idalia's rural hometown, where she experiences a different rhythm of life.

Word of Julia's corporate win undermines her reputation as an independent artist & cuts into her business. Ruy attends a workshop to unlearn machismo.

Upset by the effects of her parents' uncoupling, Andrea runs away — forcing Ruy and Julia to team up lớn find her. Fausto joins them for a long night.

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After Andrea is found, Ruy, Julia and Fausto come khổng lồ an understanding. Idalia talks about quitting và going back lớn Salazar lớn live with her family.

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