Hongsamin Korean Premium Red Ginseng Candy


Place of Origin South Korea Payment Terms Negotiable Production method Negotiable Shipping / Lead Time Negotiable/Negotiable từ khóa health snack, korean ginseng candy, primium snack, primium candy, Category Other Foods

3 Geumsan ginseng cooperative

Supplier Activity

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Korean Ginseng 365 vi-ta-min Candy/Premium SnackHACCP
Other Foods-
health snack, korean ginseng candy, primium snack, primium candy-
South Korea-

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Negotiable -
Negotiable Negotiable
Negotiable Negotiable

3 Geumsan ginseng cooperative


South Korea

Supplier Activity




1F 103 4 1gil Geumsancheon Geumsaneup , Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

Product Category

Health Care Supplement

Year Established


No. Of Total Employees


Company introduction

Geumsan Ginseng Cooperative

Reasons for the steady stream of buyers from the world visiting Geumsan

Geumsan is the trading center for ginseng and red ginseng & it understands the value of ginseng and red ginseng with a 1500-year history. Geologically, it is equipped with clean nature, fertile soil, và pollution-free environment that enable the consistent cultivation & production of solid và high-quality ginseng.


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